[XeTeX] Polyglossia and Sanskrit

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Le 11.10.2008 20:10, Arthur Reutenauer a écrit :

>>> Moreover, for grantha, there is not yet an unicode scheme for this
>>> script and the only fonts I found uses the unicode Bengali scheme!
>> As far as I know Grantha has not even been submitted to the Unicode  
>> Consortium.
>   Indeed; I couldn't even find a serious discussion of the script on the
> Unicode mailing-lists.  Note that If you're interested in having it
> encoded, you are welcome to submit a proposal, or even an informal
> discussion of it.  As for any ancient script, it is not going to be
> included in Unicode unless experts seize the issue.  One of the people
> to talk to is certainly N. Ganesan (naa.ganesan at gmail.com), who is very
> active in the work of the Consortium about Indic scripts, and can convey
> your opinions to the relevant people.

- From discussion with friends at the Pune branch of the C-DAC last year,
it seems that there are some problems with the Tamil authorities which
are not so much willing to accept unicode and want to keep iscii...

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