[XeTeX] flushleft and flushright in amsart.cls

VAFA KHALIGHI vafa.khalighi at students.mq.edu.au
Thu Nov 27 16:42:59 CET 2008

It seems that the definitions of flushleft and flushright environments are
different or maybe amsart.cls does something that I do not get. Does anybody
know if amsart.cls make any changes to the flushleft and flushright

I thought if we have

\if at rl\trivlist \raggedleft\item\relax
\else\trivlist \raggedright\item\relax\fi}

\if at rl\trivlist \raggedright\item\relax
\else\trivlist \raggedleft\item\relax\fi}

Then we should be fine with flushright and flushleft environments in RTL and
LTR directions. This approach work just excellent in all classes and
packages expect ams related classes such as amsart.cls, amsbook.cls and ...

Does any body have any clue what does cause the problem?

Note: If you want to test the code, you should load bidi.sty at permeable of
your document.

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