[XeTeX] Charis SIL glyph variants

Benct Philip Jonsson bpj at melroch.se
Mon Nov 24 14:48:55 CET 2008

Adam Twardoch skrev:
> Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:
>> A free Times clone with good Unicode Latin, IPA,
>> Greek and Cyrillic coverage not only in medium roman
>> would be most welcome in many quarters. 
> I recommend taking a look at the links:
> http://delicious.com/adamtwar/gratis+times+opentype+font
> especially SIL Doulos, TeX Gyre Termes and the GNU FreeSerif fonts. They
> all are Times clones, all have different character sets, partially
> overlapping, though, and the design quality of the single glyphs from
> those fonts differ significantly.
> Regards,
> Adam

Thanks.  Doulos SIL would be great if it had an italic.
No philologist can live without an italic, since italic
is used for printing words and phrases from the languages
of study (except for literal quotes from sources --
reproducing misspellings and oddities which an editor would
even out -- which are sometimes printed in bold.)

/BP 8^)>
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