[XeTeX] Fontspec Bug

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Wed Nov 19 18:35:38 CET 2008

Heba Soliman a écrit :
> Dear Mr Will:
Mr Robertson, you mean :)

> First of all thank you for your hard efforts in improving the fontspec 
> package.
> Second I have a big problem that is related to my work so I need 
> please a quick answer.
> The problem is that I am writing an arabic article and the diacritics 
> in some places are collapsed with the letters and I don't know why 
> this problem generated and how to fix it, the only thing I am sure of 
> is that the font has no problem as I checked with other programs as 
> Adobe illustrator and this problem doesn't exist:

Your problem is unrelated to fontspec. Either your font is somehow 
problematic, or XeTeX has problems reading the font's
OpenType tables. Perhaps someone else can be of more help.

BTW, you need to have \setRL at the beginning of the document to typeset 
from right to left. Alternatively, you can also try polyglossia with 
\setmainlanguage{arabic}, or the more specialized package XePersian. 
Both enable you to have itemized lists, tabular environments, etc, from 
right to left.


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