[XeTeX] OpenType codes for non-European languages

Robert Zydenbos indoxetex at go4more.de
Wed Jul 30 21:10:24 CEST 2008

I'm interested in using XeTeX for Indological work, using freely 
available OpenType fonts for Indian languages such as Kannada and Tamil. 
The XeTeX documentation gives a sample of how to use Devanagari script, 
with a command for complex layout features so that the ligatures are 
produced correctly, like:

\font\body="Raghindi:script=deva" at 10pt \body

Here the ":script=deva" tells XeTeX to use the ligature information in 
the font (in this case a Devanagari font).

Does anyone know where to get a complete list of such script codes?


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