[XeTeX] typing ? ? ? ?, nasalization and others

brindle at stud.ntnu.no brindle at stud.ntnu.no
Mon Jul 28 17:29:53 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I just installed Xetex and Kile on Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) and made Kile  
to Xelatex. I thought the best way to type ?, ?, ?, ?,  nasalization  
and others would be to set up a new keyboard, since Kile do not have  
them under its symbols. (Or can I add the symbols I want under Kile  
(for those who use Kile).) I tried to install a keyboard (trying to  
install SCIM+KMFL) following some instructions found on the net, but  
guess what?

Can someone direct me to an  
installation-for-less-than-average-intelligent-individual of  
SCIM+KMFL? On my windows partition I have it very simple; I can switch  
from a norwegian keyboard to a 'IPA' keyboard with a simple command  
and all the editors recognize both.


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