[XeTeX] Whoever said quotation-marks are unimportant?

Keith J. Schultz keithjschultz at web.de
Mon Jul 28 10:28:56 CEST 2008

Hi Everbody,

	Quotes are funny entities. I often have to mix
	languages and must adhere to their official syntax.
	I therefore avoid the short cuts and define my own
	quotation command and define which characters are
	to be used in opening and closing which is a inside
	quote and not.

	I is not at all that much work. Once done it can be

	Hope this helps

Am 28.07.2008 um 07:39 schrieb Will Robertson:

> Starting to ramble now...
> On 28/07/2008, at 2:01 PM, Andrew Moschou wrote:
>> But I would write:
>> 'HAL said, "Good morning, Dave.".', recalled Frank.
> I can't agree more with endorsing this "ad hoc" style that is much  
> more logically consistent than moving the punctuation inside the  
> quotation. Although perhaps a little over-enthusiastic with the  
> stops :)
> As an argument against that many full stops, I'd point to the fact  
> that there wasn't even such a thing as the full stop in the early  
> days of written Latin (and other languages?), where they wrote in  
> caps and knew when sentences ended by the placement of the verb.
> Obviously, that wouldn't work for English :) but I like to think of  
> full stops as indicators of the end of sentences when it's  
> otherwise not clear. In your case above "Good morning, Dave." is  
> clearly a single unit so the full stop, while not incorrect  
> logically, is a little redundant.
> The other reason is that we don't want to fill up the page with  
> lots of little marks. It's a bit busy, typographically. Which is  
> the primary reason I like to use single quote marks as much as  
> possible; "`good morning'" is less intrusive than "``good  
> morning''". The one exception is in ascii, where I can't get out of  
> the habit of using double quotes.
> Any scheme anyone chooses to use should be consistent first,  
> pleasing to them second, and "correct to the standards" third. In  
> my opinion :)
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