[XeTeX] ttf or otf

M. Niedermair m_g_n at gmx.de
Sun Jul 27 16:05:58 CEST 2008


>>> *Much* better to only install one version of the font. Why would you  
>>> want to have both installed simultaneously?
>> I would add: when the OTF and TTF seem to have the same glyphs and
>> the same OpenType features.
>> A.S.
> If I recall correctly, the TTF version is derived from the OTF version, 
> with consequent loss of outline quality; 

i create the otf and ttf from the fontforge-source file.

> but if you want to use the font 
> in OpenOffice you need the TTF version (grrrr). So for many it makes 
> sense to install both.

That is the problem. If i install only the otf files, i can not use the 
font in openoffice.org. If i install both, xetex use the ttf version.

It would nice, if i can set the extension (such as 
DeclareGraphicsExtensions in the graphics package) in which order the 
font is load.


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