[XeTeX] Odd error with XeLaTeX and TL2008

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Jul 9 20:54:33 CEST 2008

On 9 Jul 2008, at 7:36 PM, Ralf Stubner wrote:

> Will Robertson <wspr81 at gmail.com>
> writes:
>> Just to be a little bit specific here: the problem you saw arises  
>> from
>> the fact that TeXLive2008 uses the new versions of the LM fonts
>> released earlier this year. When their names changed, I updated the
>> euenc package on CTAN to conform to those new names -- but the SVN
>> version that goes along with XeTeX had to remain using the *old*  
>> names
>> for everyone still using TeXLive2007.
>> One of these days, I need to update the XeTeX SVN package to conform
>> with TeXLive2008. Jonathan et al., when would be the best time for me
>> to do this?
> You could also create a branch (say texlive-2007) with the current
> trunk and update the trunk with the version corresponding to CTAN.  Of
> course, users will have to be told to check out either trunk or the
> texlive-2007-branch depending on their needs.

Yes, that would be a possibility, but I doubt it's worth bothering.

I'd suggest that as soon as TL2008 ships, update euenc in xetex svn to  
match the new names, and (if you like) mention in a README that it now  
corresponds to the new LM names. So then if TL2007 users want to  
install updated xetex + packages from svn, they'll also need to get  
the new LM fonts from CTAN.

(My guess is that users who can't cope with updating LM fonts will not  
cope with branches, etc., in subversion either.)


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