[XeTeX] German Fraktur Unicode [SaferSurf: virus free]

Daniel Hoffmann hoffmand at mailer.uni-marburg.de
Sat Jul 5 20:22:46 CEST 2008

Hello everybody,

I am using XeLaTex from MikTex 2.7 Win XP edition as a newbie.
My editor is "Unired" which creates unicode output. I managed to
include German, French and Greek letters into the document by
drag'n drop, but using  \setmainfont{Alte Schwabacher}within
Xelatex I got problems with the manual use of ligatures and
German long-S-Character (which is quite easy using yfont
with \swabfamily using "*a" or "s:").

A simple drag 'n drop transfer to the editor is not possible because
the German long-s represents the backslash in other fonts and the
special Fraktur characters don't seem to be included in the editor's
default font.

Is there a tool or procedure to create unicode-representation codes
automatically or even force XeLaTex to follow the Fraktur typesetting rules
using .ttf fonts? How do you effectively include a greater amount of 
characters into the editor code of your .tex file?

Daniel Hoffmann

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