[XeTeX] includegraphics and filenames with spaces

Álex Bueno lists+tex+xetex at bueno.imap.cc
Mon Jan 28 23:58:14 CET 2008


As far as I've read on this list, it seems xetex should allow spaces  
in filenames of included graphics. Yet I can't get this to work  
properly. I'd use \XeTeXpicfile instead of \includegraphics, but it  
doesn't seem to have a draft option, which is a must with dozens of  
images in a file.

I started putting double quotes around the filename, but got an  
"Unable to load picture" error that suggested writing ""filename"". I  
found that that gave the suggestion to add another set of quotes and  
eventually dispensed with the quotes:

\setromanfont{Minion Pro}

		\includegraphics[width=3in]{foo bar.tiff}

This includes the image, but I get this text next to the image:

bar.tiff bar.bb

What might be going on with this?

I'm using the version of xetex in Maclive 2007.


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