[XeTeX] zhspacing: definition of font

Wilfred van Rooijen wvanrooijen at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 17 02:57:01 CET 2008

Hello Yin Dian, all,

OK, I promise, this will be one of my last questions
:-)). I've commented the \zhfont lines in zhspacing,
and I can typeset some Japanese horizontally and
vertically, with ruby and all. The result with ruby is
not very pretty, so I increase the \baselinestretch a
bit, and all is well.

I have one remaining question: I put a substantial
amount of Japanese text in a minipage, and put that
minipage in a \rotatebox to typeset this vertically.
The result looks pretty good. BUT.... If I have only
half a page typeset vertically, the first sentence is
on the middle of the page instead of on the right hand
margin. Logical, the rotatebox gets positioned
according to left-to-right setting. Can I set right to
left or will that interfere with the vertical
typesetting? How do I set right to left in my xelatex

> There's no need to change the main text font using
> \fontspec etc.
> Zhspacing preserves the font for western characters,
> and uses \zhfont
> etc only for Chinese.

I am trying to do set some Japanese as well as other
things in one file (klingon and tengwar :-)) ); I'm
writing a paper about this, and I'm trying to show a
bit the possibilities of xetex.

> When using zhspacing, certain hskips are inserted
> between Chinese
> characters, and punctuation prohibitions are
> concerned; it should
> generate good result.

With zhspacing the linebreaks are perfect! However,
there is still this issue of the rotatebox :-)).


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