[XeTeX] View glyph IDs under Windows

Alexey Kryukov anagnost at yandex.ru
Tue Dec 30 15:50:34 CET 2008

On Tuesday 30 December 2008, Paolo Matteucci wrote:
> Anyway, I do have FontForge installed, but all I can see is something
> like, say, 65544, whereas what I'd want would be 223… Are the two
> numbers related? I think not, since the the surrounding glyph[
> variant]s have completely different [glyph] IDs. :-(

FontForge orders glyphs by their Unicode codepoints by default.
Try Encoding->Reencode->Glyph Order to get them sorted by GIDs.
After that the first encoding number displayed for each glyph
will correspond to its ID.

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