[XeTeX] Installing xetex in Linux

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Dec 10 23:52:45 CET 2008

Am 10.12.2008 um 23:00 schrieb Sudhaa Gnanadesikan:

> # fix up symlink possibly lost in ViewVC's tarball generation :(
> test -d libs/icu-xetex -o -L libs/icu-xetex || ln -fs
> icu-release-3-8-1-source libs/icu-xetex
> ./build-xetex: test: argument expected

This obviously is no Bourne shell code, it's some sloppy bash code.  
This works in Mac OS X in some Linuxes because they more or less  
silently exchange sh with bash and programmers start to think that sh  
speaks bash.

I presume you're using Solaris. So the easiest option is to correct  
the first line of *all* shell scripts in the xetex sources: instead  
of /bin/sh put /path/to/bash. OK, you might need to install bash from  
some free or Sun package ... and only for this purpose!

The more demanding option is to re-write *all* the shell scripts. The  
line above would be written in Bourne shell:

	if ! [ -d libs/icu-xetex -o -L libs/icu-xetex ]; then
		ln -fs icu-release-3-8-1-source libs/icu-xetex

(The statement checks whether libs/icu-xetex neither exists as a  
directory nor as a sym-link, and when this is true creates the sym- 
link as solution.)

> And am sorry,I made a mistake,I am running this on a Unix machine  
> and not
> linux

Any Linux is some UNIX ... Anyway, it's good to now a name and a  



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