[XeTeX] Outline Math fonts in Xetex

Ulrike Fischer news2 at nililand.de
Sun Dec 7 18:19:14 CET 2008

Am Sat, 6 Dec 2008 11:45:22 -0500 schrieb Per Ting:

> Anyway, I do
> not exactly recall how I did do this when I installed LB fonts, just
> followed the manual that came with the fonts (3 years ago). I am copying the
> following lines from the manual, this is probably what I did at that time:
> Installing Lucida Fonts in MiKTeX
> Unzip the texmf directory from lucimatx.zip.tpm into your
> localtexmfdirectory, and copy the templates directory wherever you
> want to. Edit
> localtexmf\web2c\updmap.cfg and add this line:
>    * Map lucida.map #localtexmf\dvips\lucida\lucida.map
> Then run updmap (or mkfntmap or initexmf --mkmaps) and refresh the file name
> database.
> This should work on most modern TeX systems. If you don't have updmap, you
> may try to manually add "map +lucida.map" to pdftex.cfg and add "p
> +lucida.map" to config.ps.

Hm, if you did the second it would explain why it doesn't work for xetex
(but it wouldn't explain why it works for you now in miktex 2.7 if you
did the installation 3 years ago).

In any case. At first try the following:

On a command line run
initexmf --edit-config-file=updmap

This should open a local updmap.cfg. Add

Map lucida.map 

(if it isn't already there). Save and close the file. Then run


on the command line. Try again your example. If it still doesn't work
you will have to check some configuration files. Make a list of *all*
locations in the various roots of the following files:
config.ps, pdftex.cfg, dvipdf(mx).cfg, pdftex.map, psfonts.map and

If it works check your example with pdflatex. If pdflatex complains
about double entries in the map file, you will probably have to clean up
the pdflatex/dvips configuration.

Ulrike Fischer 

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