[XeTeX] Arabic Transliteration

Juan Acevedo juan.acevedo at gmx.net
Fri Dec 5 03:00:52 CET 2008

Hi Mohammad

Just to mention another free Unicode font with good support for Arabic  
transliteration diacritics: Junicode
you can check it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junicode

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> Hi Mohammad!
> Mohammad Gharaibeh wrote:
>> thank you for your help, but there are some questions left
>> open. I don?t know how to use the Unicode characters in
>> XeTeX. I already put my editor font encoding on UTF-8.
> Firstly, you need to be using a font that has these characters. As
> Tilman has already mentioned, Gentium (from http://www.sil.org/) and
> Linux Libertine have them.
> Secondly, the editor you are using to prepare your document might not
> display these characters in its default font. I use gedit which has  
> very
> good Unicode support. Which editor are you using?
> Thirdly, there are three ways you can get these characters in your
> editor. The simplest is to use a character palette/map, which most  
> OSes
> have fitted as standard: find the character, copy and paste. Another  
> way
> is to use an input method like SCIM or a virtual keyboard set up with
> the characters you want (you could play around with Yudit ?
> http://www.yudit.org/ ? it is a text editor with built-in input  
> methods,
> or BP's suggestion of BabelMap/Pad might help). The third way is to  
> use
> Tilman's method of \char"0351 for ? ?ayn and \char"0357 for ? hamza,  
> but
> I find this a bit clunky compared to using a good Unicode text editor.
> If you are still having difficulty, it would be very useful to know
> which operating system and text editor you are using, because these  
> are
> not really XeTeX issues.
> Best wishes,
> Gareth.

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