[XeTeX] basic question: small caps (Juan Acevedo)

Juan Acevedo juan.acevedo at gmx.net
Mon Aug 25 16:41:46 CEST 2008

I am not sure what you need, is it IPA characters?

The TeX Gyre fonts may suit you. I think they all include Small Caps.

In any case it is always possible to create small macros to combine  
diacritics existing in a given font. I got this jewel, or similar,  
some time ago from the list:

%% for a missing character, gratia Musa Furber and JK, XTX archives  
\def\vontop#1{\leavevmode \vtop{\offinterlineskip \ialign{##\cr #1\cr

And then modified to get some others:

%ring underneath
\def\ounder#1{\leavevmode \vtop{\offinterlineskip \ialign{##\cr #1\cr

%right half ring underneath
\def\rhrunder#1{\leavevmode \vtop{\offinterlineskip \ialign{##\cr #1\cr

\IPA here means simply this: \newfontfamily\IPA{Doulos SIL}. My main  
font did not have the diacritics, not even as separate characters, so  
I borrowed them from Doulos.

With \def you name your command specifying it has 1 (#1) argument.  
E.g. \vontop, \ounder...You would then say \vontop{u}, to get a u  
with...obvious, no?

I don't understand much of the rest (but don't mess with it, as it  
comes from "there where what is done is understood") except the  
positional \raise and \kern, whereby you can adjust appeareance.

You just need to know what your Unicode character is and modify the  
code after \char"

Best wishes,


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