[XeTeX] xelatex and DejaVu Sans

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Aug 22 13:42:05 CEST 2008

Am 22.08.2008 um 11:08 schrieb M. Niedermair:

> 1) If i use a "possible path", i cant switch to other system.
> "C:\fonts\DejaVuSans" dont work with Linux.

Yes, that's true, Linux uses "/" as path separator. And usually the  
root is "/" and not "C:" or "C:\" – or missed some Linux.

> 2) The other way is to store the font in the texmf tree.
> But if i want to use the font e.g. with openoffice, i must use a  
> offical
> font path.

You can create hard or symbolic links. This can save some disk space  
when your disk has only 500 or 640 GB when empty.

A third option is a virtual instance of some OS with a minimal but  
extensible TeX system. And you don't need a second CPU for this.

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