[XeTeX] problem with hyphenchar and scrartcl

Ulrike Fischer news2 at nililand.de
Thu Aug 21 14:06:09 CEST 2008

Am Thu, 21 Aug 2008 12:35:53 +0200 schrieb Ulrike Fischer:

>>>> sorry: use LinLibertine_Re-2.9.9c.otf
>>> With the newer version my xdvipdfmx crashes. 
>>>\font\myfont="Linux Libertine O"
>>>\myfont test

>> It worked here (xdvipdfmx 0.7.3, rev. 811):

> Today miktex updated the binaries and I now have xdvipdfmx-0.7.3 svn 811
> too. But the font 
> C:/UFlocaltexmf/fonts/opentype/LinLibertineFont/LinLibertine_Re-2.9.9c.otf
> still leads to a crash with xdvipdfmx.

I have know deleted the complete Libertine font folder and reinstalled
only the new version (previously there were also some fonts from the
older version in the folder) and now it works fine. So perhaps something
went wrong with the first install. 

Ulrike Fischer 

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