[XeTeX] compile xetex

Hans-Werner Hilse hilse at web.de
Fri Aug 15 13:20:25 CEST 2008


first a suggestion: When asking for help on international mailing lists
regarding some compilation issues, switch off local
internationalization. That would convince people that you made a worthy
try to find the problem yourself on Google and on the other hand they
might actually be able to read the errors. It's as easy as prefixing

M. Niedermair wrote:

> I get the following error:
> ../../../../libs/xpdf/fofi/FoFiType1C.cc:1708: Warnung: veraltete 
> Konvertierung von Zeichenkettenkonstante in »char*«

Not an error but merely a warning. Most probably harmless.
This is the actual error:

> ### Running /usr/bin/make in /home/mgn/daten/sv/xetex/Work/libs/teckit
> make: *** Keine Targets angegeben und keine »make«-Steuerdatei
> gefunden. Schluss.
> ### library build appears to have failed for teckit
> Any idea?

Your teckit subdirectory is empty or at least does not contain a
Makefile (but is referenced from an upper Makefile)?
Did you make sure you're checkout is complete?


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