[XeTeX] incompatibility with amsmath

Andrew Moschou andmos at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 06:11:37 CEST 2008

2008/8/3 Will Robertson <wspr81 at gmail.com>

> In terms of how to fix this problem, the easiest is simply to ensure that
> amsmath is loaded first and your definition is \AtBeginDocument:
> \@ifpackageloaded{amsmath}{%
>  \AtBeginDocument{\XeTeXmathcode`\-="2 \symMRM "2212}%
> }{%
>  \AtBeginDocument{%
>    \@ifpackageloaded{amsmath}{%
>      \PackageError{fontspec}{%
>        Please load amsmath before fontspec%
>      }{Bad things happen when amsmath changes things behind my back.}%
>    }}%
> }{}

Yes, I did something very similar this morning.

> However, if you're willing to break out memoir's "\AtEndPackage" code
> (which IMO should have it's own package), you could write instead (untested)
> \def\define at mathminus{%
>  \AtBeginDocument{\XeTeXmathcode`\-="2 \symMRM "2212}}
> \@ifpackageloaded{amsmath}{\define at mathminus}{%
>  \AtEndPackage{amsmath}{\define at mathminus}}
> This would be a little bit more friendly :)

I might look into this. Right now, this code has the problem that if amsmath
is not loaded at all, then the minus is not defined!

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