[XeTeX] Beamer and Hyperref in xelatex

Ulrike Fischer news2 at nililand.de
Wed Apr 30 16:57:11 CEST 2008

Am Wed, 30 Apr 2008 17:28:52 +0300 schrieb snvv:

>>> Using \def\pgfsysdriver{pgfsys-xetex.def} before the document class the
>>> previous error is gone
>> This shouldn't be necessary with a recent beamer/pgf.
> No but some times helps.
>>> The attached version is only one of the hundreds that I have try, but
>>> none worked.
>> Make a *minimal* example that demonstrates your problem. No wonder that
>> you don't find a solution to your problems if you mix in a lot of things
>> that only confuse you and beamer.
> The file that i attached in my previous email is a minimal one 

No it is not minimal. It loads textfit (which I don't have), natbib,
xgreek, amsmath and tikz. All packages that probably don't have anything
to do with your hyperref problem. It also set a font (FreeSans) that
don't exist on my system, so I can not run the file. I also doubt that
all the beamer settings have something to do with your problem. 

So make a minimal example. Put \listfiles at the start to get a list of
the package versions in the log-file. 

>>> \documentclass[utf8x]{beamer
>> Don't use the utf8x option with Xelatex!
> texlive needs utf8x. It doesn't give anything with just utf8.

"texlive" is not an application but a large bundle of applications and
files. It doesn't make sense to say that "texlive" needs utf8x. 

And Xelatex (which is a part of texlive) don't need it and *don't like
it*. Don't use it with xelatex!  

(I doubt that the option does anything useful. As far as I can see it is
not used in my version of beamer.cls. But it can only do harm with

>>>  \begingroup
>>>   \renewcommand{\thepage}{title}
>>>   \newpage
>>>  \endgroup
>> ? Has this any sense?
> No, but i tried without the "title". I thought if I set, indirectly, an empty 
> page, then hyperref would be misleaded but as they said have that "bug" 
> closed :).

An empty page in the preamble? The document hasn't started yet. 

Ulrike Fischer 

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