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Thanks, but that is a little inconvenient solution. 

A little update: it seems that the problem is somewhere in texlive-xetex package for Hardy (Hardy repo: texlive-xetex 2007.dfsg.1-2). I downloaded version 2007.dfsg.1-3 from Debian Sid and problem dissapeared. It seems that Hardy repo needs an update indeed. Still have no idea where the problem lies. I hope this info will be useful for others if having same problem.

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Try this:



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I recently upgraded my Ubuntu system to Hardy (64bit) and installed TeXLive from Hardy repo. I also updated xltxtra package (the one that Will posted link a while ago) because the old one reports error when try to use no-sscript option. I noticed that if I use "\=" commands and in the word after that in some place have "-" that I got all characters between the two repeated twice. E.g.. if I type "Uj\=unul-eser" I got in the output: "Ujûnul-nul-eser" instead "Ujûnul-eser". Here is a sample file:

\setmainfont{URW Palladio L}


It happens with all fonts, otf, ttf... The plain LaTeX behaviours normally.

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