[XeTeX] Problems with hyperref and bidi

VAFA KHALIGHI vafa.khalighi at students.mq.edu.au
Sat Apr 26 15:25:06 CEST 2008

Ok I am more than agree with DR Moore

firstly this in my opinion is  a major problem, I do not like warnings at
all and when I get them I upset but at least in this way you gurantee that
you get the wanted output but it still can not be copied and paste properly.

By the way,  Scheherazade is a beautiful name, I guess it is arabic but we
have persian format of it as well i.e it is my sister's name but we spell it
as Shahrzad, a very good choice for the name of a font ( Scheherazade or
Shahrzad was a beautiful woman who used to tell stories).
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