[XeTeX] simple font installation question

José Geraldo Gouvea jggouvea at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 15:59:00 CEST 2008

Em Monday 21 April 2008 05:53:07 Andrew Moschou escreveu:
> In addition, you should be able to use any font that is installed on
> your system. If you have Chinese language support installed, you
> should already have Chinese fonts installed. Typing "fc-list
> >fontlist.txt" at the command prompt will produce a text file
> fontlist.txt that contains a list of all available fonts, to identify
> the Chinese fonts, look for Chinese characters in the file, e.g.
> because "SimSun,宋体:style=Regular" is in the list, SimSun is an
> available font.

Does XeLaTeX already recognizes fontnames in Chinese? I once tried to load 
uming.ttf to typeset a document (because its Latin characters are beautiful 
to my taste) and had to load it as an external resource because the font name 
was not recognized by fontspec.

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