[XeTeX] XeLaTeX and Mathematics

Andrew Moschou andmos at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 11:29:56 CEST 2008

>  If you like the math glyphs of Asana Math, then it is possible to
> create another font in which the alphabetic characters are replaced
> with some other. Of course this is not a trivial task, but the
> hardest part in a math font is the construction of the math table
> and everything related to math symbols.

The thought has crossed my mind, and I thought of doing it with
Gentium. To understand how a mathematics font is constructed, I should
know how the maths tables work, but where can I find documentation on
the maths tables? I searched Microsoft's and Adobe's websites but that
didn't turn up much.

To Will: No coffee soon, perhaps a later time.

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