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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sat Apr 19 09:30:53 CEST 2008

Hi Vafa,

On 19/04/2008, at 3:24 PM, VAFA KHALIGHI wrote:
> I know there are some samples in the XeTeX home page which is only  
> suitable for mac, but I am just  a linux person and I have tried to  
> activate any of the linux fonts by the follwing code
> --------------------------------------------
> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage[mathcal]{euler}
> \usepackage{fontspec,xunicode}
> \setmainfont{name of the font}

Did you put a specific font name here?
  ... and in the next 2 lines ...

> \setmathrm{name of the font}
> \setboldmathrm{name of the font}

> \begin{document}
> This is just a test.
> $$(a+b)^2=a^2+2ab+b^2$$
> \end{document}
> ------------------------------------------------

The following coding should give something like
in the attached image; provided you have the fonts.
of course.

\setmainfont{Lucida Grande}
\setmathrm{Latin Modern Roman}
\setboldmathrm{Latin Modern Roman}
This is just a test.


$$(x,y) = r(\cos \theta,\sin\theta)$$


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> But I just got errors and the version of XeTeX that I have is 0.996.

I used v0.996 (on Mac OS X) to get the attachment.
> Is there anyway that you can use PSTricks completely in XeTeX. From  
> my experience some do but just need to know how can I employ  
> PSTricks fully in XeTeX?

Provided you use the  xdvipdfmx  output driver,
most of  PSTricks  should work.

Alternatively, you can process those parts using
TeX + Ghostscript, then import the resulting PDFs
into a document processed by XeTeX.
There are various strategies to achieve this.
Consult the archives for this discussion list.

> One more question, I just heard that XeTeX 0.998 will be included  
> in TeXLive 2008, is that correct?

The developers of both work together.
It's simply a question of when everyone feels
they have done enough to get a release together.

> Thanks

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore.

BTW, which Division are you enrolled in?
Stop by my office sometime this coming week,
if you are on campus during the break.

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