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Dear Adam

Thanks for that - it's a very neat solution.  I was trying to keep away from working on the font itself since so many OTF fonts are under development and it would be necessary to keep track of what one had done with version A when installing an updated version B - hence the desire to specify kerning pairs in a user-generated list which could easily be called up and tinkered with as a separate entity.  But for the moment I'm happy with any solution that will avoid the squashed appearance of e.g. L'espace or etc.'.



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  Changing one or two kerning pair values in your own local copies of a font is trivial using 
  (just convert the font to XML, change the values using a text editor and convert the font back to OTF). The license agreement for Adobe fonts allows that. 


  Will Robertson wrote: 
    On 17/04/2008, at 6:43 PM, John Was wrote: 

      I think intercharacter tokens could be problematic 

    Yeah; as Jonathan pointed out to me when this feature was first introduced, interchar tokens are inserted regardless of the font; it would be possible to detect the font and conditionally insert the kerning, but that would mess up other uses for the interchar feature (namely, detecting when a certain script changes). 

    So while you could do it for an ad hoc purpose, it's really not the way to go :) 


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