[XeTeX] : Re: wrong uccode of ß

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Mon Apr 14 12:50:12 CEST 2008

John Was a écrit :
> Er, the East Germans had their own agenda in this matter (note the Fraktur 
> in the Reichsbahn (!)  signage during the Communist era).  I was referring 
> to what is nowadays seen as 'best practice'.  Of course many things exist - 
> taxation, malaria, etc. - but we don't necessarily want to encourage them...

As an addition to Adam's perceptive reply, let me point out that the 
latest edition of the Duden says that, even though the official rule is 
to capitalise ß as SS [§25, E3 of the "Amtliche Regelung der deutschen 
Rechtschreibung"], in some contexts it is also possible to use ß:

«In Dokumenten kann bei Namen aus Gründen der Eindeutigkeit auch bei 
Großbuchstaben das ß verwendet werden»
(Duden - die deutsche Rechtschreibung, 24. Auflage,  2006, p. 95).


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