[XeTeX] How to get _third_ stylistic alternate?

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 03:09:00 CEST 2008

On 14/04/2008, at 4:54 AM, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> No, sorry. (Strictly speaking, in OpenType terms it's a single
> feature; you mean how many alternates there are to choose from within
> that feature.)

Yeah… you knew what I meant :)

> The answer can vary for each glyph that has
> alternates, anyway. E.g., in Garamond Premier Pro, some characters
> don't have any stylistic alternates; some have just one; and the
> ampersand (at least) has three.

No worries then!

I wonder if typesetting a letter with increasing 'salt' values and  
inspecting the resulting box would (a) work reliably (I'd guess not,  
sometimes), and (b) be useful for users to inspect the features of  
their fonts.

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