[XeTeX] How to get _third_ stylistic alternate?

Grzegorz Murzynowski natror at o2.pl
Sun Apr 13 01:32:09 CEST 2008

Jonathan Kew pisze:
> The 'salt' feature takes a parameter, which is the (zero-based) index  
> of which alternate you want.
>    \font\x="Garamond Premier Pro" \x \& \par % default
>    \font\x="Garamond Premier Pro:+salt" \x \& \par % same as next
>    \font\x="Garamond Premier Pro:+salt=0" \x \& \par
>    \font\x="Garamond Premier Pro:+salt=1" \x \& \par % second alternate
>    \font\x="Garamond Premier Pro:+salt=2" \x \& \par % third alternate
“Ich Dummkopf!” (Me fool!) I was trying "+salt=3".

Thanks a lot, Jonathan.

Grzegorz M.

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