[XeTeX] Problem installing XeTeX on OS X with Darwinports

Todd Lehman tsl at tsl.bu.edu
Fri Apr 11 03:36:44 CEST 2008

On Thu, 10 Apr 2008, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> Is there a compelling reason you want to install via Darwinports?

No, I just expected it to work (since I'd never had problems with 
Darwinports before), and was confused when it wasn't working.

On Thu, 10 Apr 2008, Sebastian Hanigk wrote:
> Second that. Use MacTeX and if you have newer Adobe Fonts, consider  
> building xetex from the SVN trunk (it's easy, simply run the build  
> script).

Thanks so much, guys!!  I uninstalled the texlive package via Darwinports, 
and then downloaded and installed MacTeX from tug.org, and I am up and 

BTW, is it correct that if I am using TeXShop and set the typesetting 
listbox to say "XeLaTeX" that I should be able to say:

   \font\agp="Adobe Garamond Pro" at 14pt \agp
   This is a test.

and see the text appear in Adobe Garamond Pro, automatically with no other 
system configurations needed?  That didn't work for me, nor did this:

   \setromanfont{Adobe Garamond Pro}
   This is a test.

What I get when I typeset that is a tightly kerned red lowercase Helvetica 
display of:

   ‗ gqgq_ rcqr,

My console doesn't show any errors.

I'll keep looking through the docs (and I admit, I haven't read them 
thoroughly yet; only looked at some examples saying how easy it was :)
and maybe I'll figure it out.

In any case, thanks for the MacTeX tip -- I like TeXShop.


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