[XeTeX] Many warnings when compile beamer presentation using XeLaTex

Steven Woody narkewoody at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 10:48:49 CEST 2008

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 3:44 PM, Ulrike Fischer <news2 at nililand.de> wrote:
> Am Mon, 7 Apr 2008 11:24:17 +0800 schrieb Steven Woody:
>  > Sorry, those warnings are not the same warnings as I reported in the
>  > first time.  The number of warning reduced to about 100, and here they
>  > are:
>  >
>  > ** WARNING ** Annotation out of page boundary.
>  >
>  > ** WARNING ** Current page's MediaBox: [0 0 362.835 272.126]
>  >
> > I think it's a different cause and the previous problem has been
>  > already resolved.  Thank ytou experts!  But I'd still like to remove
>  > thses one-hundred waring messages.  Any clue?
>  This are warning about the page size. I don't get them but I have an
>  adapted geometry.cfg for xelatex.
>  Add before \documentclass
>  \RequirePackage[%
>   pdftex,
>   papersize={12.80cm,9.60cm},
>   hmargin=1cm,%
>   vmargin=0cm,%
>   head=0.5cm,% will be changed later
>   headsep=0pt,%
>   foot=0.5cm% will be changed later
>   ]{geometry}

Are your sure add them before \documentclass? I did it but got error
in compiling:

! Missing \endcsname inserted.
<to be read again>
l.810 \ProcessOptionsKV[c]{Gm}
No pages of output.

Anyway, if remove it and compile, I can find information about the
geometry.sty as below:

PATH: c:/TeXLive2007/texmf-dist/tex/latex/geometry/geometry.sty

CONTENTS: ( it's too long )

%% This is file `geometry.sty',
%% generated with the docstrip utility.
%% The original source files were:
%% geometry.dtx  (with options: `package')
%% File: geometry.dtx Copyright (C) 1996-2002 Hideo Umeki
%%                              (hideo.umeki at toshiba.co.jp)
%% This package may be distributed under the terms of the LaTeX
%% Project Public License, as described in lppl.txt in the base
%% LaTeX distribution, either version 1.2 or (at your option)
%% any later version.
\ProvidesPackage{geometry}[2002/07/08 v3.2 Page Geometry]
\newif\ifGm at verbose
\newif\ifGm at landscape
\newif\ifGm at includehead
\newif\ifGm at includefoot
\newif\ifGm at includemp
\newif\ifGm at hbody
\newif\ifGm at vbody
\newif\ifGm at heightrounded
\newif\ifGm at showframe
\newif\ifGm at compatii
\newif\ifGm at special
\newif\ifGm at sworient\Gm at sworientfalse
\newif\ifGm at pass\Gm at passfalse
\newcount\Gm at cnth
\newcount\Gm at cntv
\newcount\c at Gm@tempcnt
\newdimen\Gm at bindingoffset
\newdimen\Gm at wd@mp
\newdimen\Gm at odd@mp
\newdimen\Gm at even@mp
\newtoks\Gm at dimlist
\def\Gm at warning#1{\PackageWarningNoLine{geometry}{#1}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at warning
\def\Gm at Dhratio{1:1}% = left:right default for oneside
\def\Gm at Dhratiotwo{2:3}% = inner:outer default for twoside.
\def\Gm at Dvratio{2:3}% = top:bottom default
\@onlypreamble\Gm at Dhratio
\@onlypreamble\Gm at Dhratiotwo
\@onlypreamble\Gm at Dvratio
\def\Gm at Dhscale{0.7}%
\def\Gm at Dvscale{0.7}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at Dhscale
\@onlypreamble\Gm at Dvscale
\def\Gm at dvips{dvips}%
\def\Gm at dvipdfm{dvipdfm}%
\def\Gm at pdftex{pdftex}%
\def\Gm at vtex{vtex}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at dvips
\@onlypreamble\Gm at dvipdfm
\@onlypreamble\Gm at pdftex
\@onlypreamble\Gm at vtex
\def\Gm at true{true}%
\def\Gm at false{false}%
\edef\Gm at dorg{%
  \expandafter\noexpand\csname @twocolumn\if at twocolumn
    \Gm at true\else\Gm at false\fi\endcsname
  \expandafter\noexpand\csname @twoside\if at twoside
    \Gm at true\else\Gm at false\fi\endcsname
  \expandafter\noexpand\csname @mparswitch\if at mparswitch
    \Gm at true\else\Gm at false\fi\endcsname
  \expandafter\noexpand\csname @reversemargin\if at reversemargin
    \Gm at true\else\Gm at false\fi\endcsname
\@onlypreamble\Gm at dorg
\def\Gm at init{%
  \Gm at hbodyfalse\Gm at vbodyfalse
  \Gm at includeheadfalse\Gm at includefootfalse\Gm at includempfalse
  \Gm at landscapefalse\Gm at compatiifalse\Gm at heightroundedfalse
  \Gm at verbosefalse\Gm at showframefalse\Gm at specialfalse
  \let\Gm at paper\@undefined
  \let\Gm at width\@undefined\let\Gm at height\@undefined
  \let\Gm at textwidth\@undefined\let\Gm at textheight\@undefined
  \let\Gm at hscale\@undefined\let\Gm at vscale\@undefined
  \let\Gm at hmarginratio\@undefined\let\Gm at vmarginratio\@undefined
  \let\Gm at lmargin\@undefined\let\Gm at rmargin\@undefined
  \let\Gm at tmargin\@undefined\let\Gm at bmargin\@undefined
  \let\Gm at driver\@empty\let\Gm at truedimen\@empty
  \Gm at bindingoffset\z@\Gm at dimlist={}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at init
\def\Gm at setdriver#1{%
  \expandafter\let\expandafter\Gm at driver\csname Gm@#1\endcsname}%
\def\Gm at unsetdriver#1{%
  \expandafter\ifx\csname Gm@#1\endcsname\Gm at driver
    \let\Gm at driver\@empty
\def\Gm at setbool{\@dblarg\Gm@@setbool}%
\def\Gm at setboolrev{\@dblarg\Gm@@setboolrev}%
\def\Gm@@setbool[#1]#2#3{\Gm at doif{#1}{#3}{\csname Gm@#2\Gm at bool\endcsname}}%
\def\Gm@@setboolrev[#1]#2#3{\Gm at doifelse{#1}{#3}%
  {\csname Gm@#2\Gm at false\endcsname}{\csname Gm@#2\Gm at true\endcsname}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at setbool
\@onlypreamble\Gm at setboolrev
\def\Gm at doif#1#2#3{%
  \lowercase{\def\Gm at bool{#2}}%
  \ifx\Gm at bool\@empty
    \let\Gm at bool\Gm at true
  \ifx\Gm at bool\Gm at true
    \ifx\Gm at bool\Gm at false
      \let\Gm at bool\relax
  \ifx\Gm at bool\relax
    \Gm at warning{`#1' should be set to `true' or `false'}%
\def\Gm at doifelse#1#2#3#4{%
  \Gm at doif{#1}{#2}{\ifx\Gm at bool\Gm at true #3\else #4\fi}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at doif
\@onlypreamble\Gm at doifelse
\def\Gm at reverse#1{%
  \csname ifGm@#1\endcsname
  \csname Gm@#1false\endcsname\else\csname Gm@#1true\endcsname\fi}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at reverse
\def\Gm at checkbool#1{#1: \csname ifGm@#1\endcsname true\else --\fi^^J}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at checkbool
\def\Gm at defbylen#1#2{%
  \expandafter\edef\csname Gm@#1\endcsname{\the\@tempdima}}%
\def\Gm at defbycnt#1#2{%
  \setcounter{Gm at tempcnt}{#2}%
  \expandafter\edef\csname Gm@#1\endcsname{\the\value{Gm at tempcnt}}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at defbylen
\@onlypreamble\Gm at defbycnt
\def\Gm at sep@ratio#1:#2{\@tempcnta=#1\@tempcntb=#2}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at set@ratio
\def\Gm at setbyratio[#1]#2#3#4{% determine #4 by ratio
  \expandafter\Gm at sep@ratio\Gm at mratio\relax
    {\csname Gm@#3\endcsname}%
  \expandafter\edef\csname Gm@#4\endcsname{\the\@tempdimb}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at setbyratio
\def\Gm at detiv#1#2#3#4{% determine #4.
    {\csname paper#1\endcsname}%
    {\csname Gm@#2\endcsname}%
    {\csname Gm@#3\endcsname}%
    \Gm at warning{`#4' results in NEGATIVE (\the\@tempdima).%
    ^^J\@spaces `#2' or `#3' should be shortened in length}%
  \expandafter\edef\csname Gm@#4\endcsname{\the\@tempdima}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at detiv
\def\Gm at detiiandiii#1#2#3{% determine #2 and #3.
    {\csname paper#1\endcsname}%
    {\csname Gm@#1\endcsname}%
    \Gm at warning{`#2' and `#3' result in NEGATIVE (\the\@tempdima).%
                  ^^J\@spaces `#1' should be shortened in length}%
  \ifx\Gm at mratio\@undefined
    \expandafter\Gm at sep@ratio\Gm at mratio\relax
  \expandafter\edef\csname Gm@#2\endcsname{\the\@tempdima}%
  \expandafter\edef\csname Gm@#3\endcsname{\the\@tempdimb}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at detiiandiii
\def\Gm at detall#1#2#3#4{%
  \edef\Gm at mratio{\@nameuse{Gm@#1marginratio}}%
    \ifx\Gm at lmargin\@undefined\else\advance\@tempcnta4\relax\fi
    \ifGm at hbody\advance\@tempcnta2\relax\fi
    \ifx\Gm at rmargin\@undefined\else\advance\@tempcnta1\relax\fi
    \Gm at cnth\@tempcnta
    \ifx\Gm at tmargin\@undefined\else\advance\@tempcnta4\relax\fi
    \ifGm at vbody\advance\@tempcnta2\relax\fi
    \ifx\Gm at bmargin\@undefined\else\advance\@tempcnta1\relax\fi
    \Gm at cntv\@tempcnta
      \edef\Gm at width{\Gm at Dhscale\paperwidth}%
      \edef\Gm at height{\Gm at Dvscale\paperheight}%
    \Gm at detiiandiii{#2}{#3}{#4}%
  \or\Gm at setbyratio[f]{#1}{#4}{#3}\Gm at detiv{#2}{#3}{#4}{#2}%
  \or\Gm at detiiandiii{#2}{#3}{#4}%
  \or\Gm at detiv{#2}{#2}{#4}{#3}%
  \or\Gm at setbyratio[b]{#1}{#3}{#4}\Gm at detiv{#2}{#3}{#4}{#2}%
  \or\Gm at detiv{#2}{#3}{#4}{#2}%
  \or\Gm at detiv{#2}{#2}{#3}{#4}%
  \or\Gm at warning{Over-specification in `#1'-direction.%
                  ^^J\@spaces `#2' (\@nameuse{Gm@#2}) is ignored}%
    \Gm at detiv{#2}{#3}{#4}{#2}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at detall
\def\Gm at clean{%
  \ifnum\Gm at cnth<4\let\Gm at lmargin\@undefined\fi
  \ifodd\Gm at cnth\else\let\Gm at rmargin\@undefined\fi
  \ifnum\Gm at cntv<4\let\Gm at tmargin\@undefined\fi
  \ifodd\Gm at cntv\else\let\Gm at bmargin\@undefined\fi
  \ifGm at hbody\else
    \let\Gm at hscale\@undefined
    \let\Gm at width\@undefined
    \let\Gm at textwidth\@undefined
  \ifGm at vbody\else
    \let\Gm at vscale\@undefined
    \let\Gm at height\@undefined
    \let\Gm at textheight\@undefined
  \if at twoside
    \ifx\Gm at hmarginratio\Gm at Dhratiotwo
      \let\Gm at hmarginratio\@undefined
    \ifx\Gm at hmarginratio\Gm at Dhratio
      \let\Gm at hmarginratio\@undefined
\@onlypreamble\Gm at clean
\def\Gm at parse@divide#1#2#3#4{%
  \def\Gm at star{*}%
  \@for\Gm at tmp:=#1\do{%
    \expandafter\KV@@sp at def\expandafter\Gm at frag\expandafter{\Gm at tmp}%
    \edef\Gm at value{\Gm at frag}%
    \ifcase\@tempcnta\relax\edef\Gm at key{#2}%
      \or\edef\Gm at key{#3}%
      \else\edef\Gm at key{#4}%
    \@nameuse{Gm at set\Gm at key false}%
    \ifx\empty\Gm at value\else
    \ifx\Gm at star\Gm at value\else
      \setkeys{Gm}{\Gm at key=\Gm at value}%
  \let\Gm at star\relax}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at parse@divide
\def\Gm at branch#1#2#3{%
  \@for\Gm at tmp:=#1\do{%
    \KV@@sp at def\Gm at frag{\Gm at tmp}%
    \edef\Gm at value{\Gm at frag}%
    \ifcase\@tempcnta\relax% cnta == 0
      \setkeys{Gm}{#2=\Gm at value}%
    \or% cnta == 1
      \setkeys{Gm}{#3=\Gm at value}%
    \setkeys{Gm}{#3=\Gm at value}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at branch
\def\Gm at magtooffset{%
  \@tempdima=\mag\Gm at truedimen sp%
  \@tempdimb=1\Gm at truedimen in%
  \addtolength{\hoffset}{1\Gm at truedimen in}%
  \addtolength{\voffset}{1\Gm at truedimen in}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at magtooffset
\def\Gm at setafter#1#2{%
  \let\Gm at len=\relax\let\Gm at td=\relax
  \edef\addtolist{\noexpand\Gm at dimlist=%
  {\the\Gm at dimlist \Gm at len{#1}{#2}}}\addtolist}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at setafter
\def\Gm at processdimlist{%
  \def\Gm at td{\Gm at truedimen}%
  \def\Gm at len##1##2{\setlength{##1}{##2}}%
  \the\Gm at dimlist}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at processdimlist
\def\Gm at setpaper(#1,#2)#3{%
  \let\Gm at td\relax
  \Gm at setafter\paperwidth{#1\Gm at td #3}%
  \Gm at setafter\paperheight{#2\Gm at td #3}%
  \ifGm at landscape\Gm at sworienttrue\else\Gm at sworientfalse\fi}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at setpaper
\def\Gm at chpaper{\@nameuse{Gm@\Gm at paper}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at chpaper
\@namedef{Gm at a0paper}{\Gm at setpaper(841,1189){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at a1paper}{\Gm at setpaper(595,841){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at a2paper}{\Gm at setpaper(420,595){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at a3paper}{\Gm at setpaper(297,420){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at a4paper}{\Gm at setpaper(210,297){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at a5paper}{\Gm at setpaper(149,210){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at a6paper}{\Gm at setpaper(105,149){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at b0paper}{\Gm at setpaper(1000,1414){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at b1paper}{\Gm at setpaper(707,1000){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at b2paper}{\Gm at setpaper(500,707){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at b3paper}{\Gm at setpaper(353,500){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at b4paper}{\Gm at setpaper(250,353){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at b5paper}{\Gm at setpaper(176,250){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at b6paper}{\Gm at setpaper(125,176){mm}}%
\@namedef{Gm at letterpaper}{\Gm at setpaper(8.5,11){in}}%
\@namedef{Gm at legalpaper}{\Gm at setpaper(8.5,14){in}}%
\@namedef{Gm at executivepaper}{\Gm at setpaper(7.25,10.5){in}}%
\@namedef{Gm at screen}{\Gm at setpaper(225,180){mm}}%
\define at key{Gm}{paper}{\setkeys{Gm}{#1}}%
\let\KV at Gm@papername\KV at Gm@paper
\define at key{Gm}{a0paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{a0paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{a1paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{a1paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{a2paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{a2paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{a3paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{a3paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{a4paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{a4paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{a5paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{a5paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{a6paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{a6paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{b0paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{b0paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{b1paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{b1paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{b2paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{b2paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{b3paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{b3paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{b4paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{b4paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{b5paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{b5paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{b6paper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{b6paper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{letterpaper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{letterpaper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{legalpaper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{legalpaper}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{executivepaper}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{executivepaper}%
  \Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{screen}[true]{\def\Gm at paper{screen}\Gm at chpaper}%
\define at key{Gm}{paperwidth}{%
  \Gm at setafter\paperwidth{#1}\def\Gm at paper{user defined}}%
\define at key{Gm}{paperheight}{%
  \Gm at setafter\paperheight{#1}\def\Gm at paper{user defined}}%
\define at key{Gm}{papersize}{\Gm at branch{#1}{paperwidth}{paperheight}}%
\define at key{Gm}{landscape}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{landscape}{#1}%
  {\ifGm at landscape\else\Gm at landscapetrue\Gm at reverse{sworient}\fi}%
  {\ifGm at landscape\Gm at landscapefalse\Gm at reverse{sworient}\fi}}%
\define at key{Gm}{portrait}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{portrait}{#1}%
  {\ifGm at landscape\Gm at landscapefalse\Gm at reverse{sworient}\fi}%
  {\ifGm at landscape\else\Gm at landscapetrue\Gm at reverse{sworient}\fi}}%
\define at key{Gm}{hscale}{\Gm at hbodytrue\edef\Gm at hscale{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{vscale}{\Gm at vbodytrue\edef\Gm at vscale{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{scale}{\Gm at branch{#1}{hscale}{vscale}}%
\define at key{Gm}{width}{\Gm at hbodytrue\Gm at defbylen{width}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{height}{\Gm at vbodytrue\Gm at defbylen{height}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{total}{\Gm at branch{#1}{width}{height}}%
\let\KV at Gm@totalwidth\KV at Gm@width
\let\KV at Gm@totalheight\KV at Gm@height
\define at key{Gm}{textwidth}{\Gm at hbodytrue\Gm at defbylen{textwidth}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{textheight}{\Gm at vbodytrue\Gm at defbylen{textheight}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{text}{\Gm at branch{#1}{textwidth}{textheight}}%
\let\KV at Gm@body\KV at Gm@text
\define at key{Gm}{lines}{\Gm at vbodytrue\Gm at defbycnt{lines}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{includehead}[true]{\Gm at setbool{includehead}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{includefoot}[true]{\Gm at setbool{includefoot}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{includeheadfoot}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{includeheadfoot}{#1}%
  {\Gm at includeheadtrue\Gm at includefoottrue}%
  {\Gm at includeheadfalse\Gm at includefootfalse}}%
\define at key{Gm}{includemp}[true]{\Gm at setbool{includemp}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{includeall}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{includeall}{#1}%
  {\Gm at includeheadtrue\Gm at includefoottrue\Gm at includemptrue}%
  {\Gm at includeheadfalse\Gm at includefootfalse\Gm at includempfalse}}%
\define at key{Gm}{ignorehead}[true]{%
  \Gm at setboolrev[ignorehead]{includehead}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{ignorefoot}[true]{%
  \Gm at setboolrev[ignorefoot]{includefoot}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{ignoreheadfoot}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{ignoreheadfoot}{#1}%
  {\Gm at includeheadfalse\Gm at includefootfalse}%
  {\Gm at includeheadtrue\Gm at includefoottrue}}%
\define at key{Gm}{ignoremp}[true]{%
  \Gm at setboolrev[ignoremp]{includemp}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{ignoreall}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{ignoreall}{#1}%
  {\Gm at includeheadfalse\Gm at includefootfalse\Gm at includempfalse}%
  {\Gm at includeheadtrue\Gm at includefoottrue\Gm at includemptrue}}%
\define at key{Gm}{heightrounded}[true]{\Gm at setbool{heightrounded}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{hdivide}{\Gm at parse@divide{#1}{lmargin}{width}{rmargin}}%
\define at key{Gm}{vdivide}{\Gm at parse@divide{#1}{tmargin}{height}{bmargin}}%
\define at key{Gm}{divide}{\Gm at parse@divide{#1}{lmargin}{width}{rmargin}%
  \Gm at parse@divide{#1}{tmargin}{height}{bmargin}}%
\define at key{Gm}{lmargin}{\Gm at defbylen{lmargin}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{rmargin}{\Gm at defbylen{rmargin}{#1}}%
\let\KV at Gm@left\KV at Gm@lmargin
\let\KV at Gm@inner\KV at Gm@lmargin
\let\KV at Gm@innermargin\KV at Gm@lmargin
\let\KV at Gm@right\KV at Gm@rmargin
\let\KV at Gm@outer\KV at Gm@rmargin
\let\KV at Gm@outermargin\KV at Gm@rmargin
\define at key{Gm}{tmargin}{\Gm at defbylen{tmargin}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{bmargin}{\Gm at defbylen{bmargin}{#1}}%
\let\KV at Gm@top\KV at Gm@tmargin
\let\KV at Gm@bottom\KV at Gm@bmargin
\define at key{Gm}{hmargin}{\Gm at branch{#1}{lmargin}{rmargin}}%
\define at key{Gm}{vmargin}{\Gm at branch{#1}{tmargin}{bmargin}}%
\define at key{Gm}{margin}{\Gm at branch{#1}{lmargin}{tmargin}%
  \Gm at branch{#1}{rmargin}{bmargin}}%
\define at key{Gm}{hmarginratio}{\edef\Gm at hmarginratio{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{vmarginratio}{\edef\Gm at vmarginratio{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{marginratio}{\Gm at branch{#1}{hmarginratio}{vmarginratio}}%
\let\KV at Gm@hratio\KV at Gm@hmarginratio
\let\KV at Gm@vratio\KV at Gm@vmarginratio
\let\KV at Gm@ratio\KV at Gm@marginratio
\define at key{Gm}{hcentering}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{hcentering}{#1}%
  {\def\Gm at hmarginratio{1:1}}{}}%
\define at key{Gm}{vcentering}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{vcentering}{#1}%
  {\def\Gm at vmarginratio{1:1}}{}}%
\define at key{Gm}{centering}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{centering}{#1}%
  {\def\Gm at hmarginratio{1:1}\def\Gm at vmarginratio{1:1}}{}}%
\define at key{Gm}{twoside}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{twoside}{#1}%
\define at key{Gm}{asymmetric}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{asymmetric}{#1}%
\define at key{Gm}{bindingoffset}{\Gm at setafter\Gm at bindingoffset{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{headheight}{\Gm at setafter\headheight{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{headsep}{\Gm at setafter\headsep{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{footskip}{\Gm at setafter\footskip{#1}}%
\let\KV at Gm@head\KV at Gm@headheight
\let\KV at Gm@foot\KV at Gm@footskip
\define at key{Gm}{nohead}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{nohead}{#1}%
  {\Gm at setafter\headheight\z@\Gm at setafter\headsep\z@}{}}%
\define at key{Gm}{nofoot}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{nofoot}{#1}%
  {\Gm at setafter\footskip\z@}{}}%
\define at key{Gm}{noheadfoot}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{noheadfoot}{#1}%
  {\Gm at setafter\headheight\z@\Gm at setafter\headsep
  \z@\Gm at setafter\footskip\z@}{}}%
\define at key{Gm}{footnotesep}{\Gm at setafter{\skip\footins}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{marginparwidth}{\ifGm at compatii\Gm at includemptrue\fi
  \Gm at setafter\marginparwidth{#1}}%
\let\KV at Gm@marginpar\KV at Gm@marginparwidth
\define at key{Gm}{marginparsep}{\ifGm at compatii\Gm at includemptrue\fi
  \Gm at setafter\marginparsep{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{nomarginpar}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{nomarginpar}{#1}%
  {\Gm at setafter\marginparwidth\z@\Gm at setafter\marginparsep\z@}{}}%
\define at key{Gm}{columnsep}{\Gm at setafter\columnsep{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{hoffset}{\Gm at setafter\hoffset{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{voffset}{\Gm at setafter\voffset{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{offset}{\Gm at branch{#1}{hoffset}{voffset}}%
\define at key{Gm}{twocolumn}[true]{%
  \Gm at doif{twocolumn}{#1}{\csname @twocolumn\Gm at bool\endcsname}}%
\define at key{Gm}{reversemp}[true]{%
  \Gm at doif{reversemp}{#1}{\csname @reversemargin\Gm at bool\endcsname}}%
\define at key{Gm}{reversemarginpar}[true]{%
  \Gm at doif{reversemarginpar}{#1}{\csname @reversemargin\Gm at bool\endcsname}}%
\define at key{Gm}{driver}{\edef\@@tempa{#1}%
  \ifx\@@tempa\@empty\let\Gm at driver\@empty\else\setkeys{Gm}{#1}\fi}%
\define at key{Gm}{dvips}[true]{%
  \Gm at doifelse{dvips}{#1}{\Gm at setdriver{dvips}}{\Gm at unsetdriver{dvips}}}%
\define at key{Gm}{dvipdfm}[true]{%
  \Gm at doifelse{dvipdfm}{#1}{\Gm at setdriver{dvipdfm}}{\Gm at unsetdriver{dvipdfm}}}%
\define at key{Gm}{pdftex}[true]{%
  \Gm at doifelse{pdftex}{#1}{\Gm at setdriver{pdftex}}{\Gm at unsetdriver{pdftex}}}%
\define at key{Gm}{vtex}[true]{%
  \Gm at doifelse{vtex}{#1}{\Gm at setdriver{vtex}}{\Gm at unsetdriver{vtex}}}%
\define at key{Gm}{verbose}[true]{\Gm at setbool{verbose}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{reset}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{reset}{#1}%
  {\Gm at init\Gm at dorg\ProcessOptionsKV[c]{Gm}\Gm at setdefaultpaper}{}}%
\define at key{Gm}{mag}{\mag=#1}%
\define at key{Gm}{truedimen}[true]{\Gm at doifelse{truedimen}{#1}%
  {\let\Gm at truedimen\Gm at true}{\let\Gm at truedimen\@empty}}%
\define at key{Gm}{pass}[true]{\Gm at setbool{pass}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{showframe}[true]{\Gm at setbool{showframe}{#1}}%
\define at key{Gm}{compat2}[true]{%
  \Gm at doifelse{compat2}{#1}{\Gm at compatiitrue
\define at key{Gm}{twosideshift}{%
  \ifGm at compatii\@twosidetrue\@mparswitchtrue\Gm at defbylen{twosideshift}{#1}%
  \else\Gm at warning{`twosideshift' is obsolete}%
\def\Gm at setdefaultpaper{%
  \ifx\Gm at paper\@undefined
    \Gm at setpaper(\strip at pt\paperwidth,\strip at pt\paperheight){pt}%
    \Gm at sworientfalse
\@onlypreamble\Gm at setdefaultpaper
\def\Gm at checkpaper{%
    You must set \string\paperwidth\space properly}{%
    Set your paper type (e.g., `a4paper' for A4) as a class option^^J%
    or as a geometry package option.}%
    You must set \string\paperheight\space properly}{%
    Set your paper type (e.g., `a4paper' for A4) as a class option^^J%
    or as a geometry package option.}%
\def\Gm at checkmp{%
  \ifGm at includemp\else
    \if at twocolumn
      \if at reversemargin
      \setlength\@tempdimb{\Gm at lmargin}%
        \Gm at warning{The marginal notes would fall off the page.^^J
           \@spaces Add \the\@tempdimc\space and more to the left margin}%
      \setlength\@tempdimb{\Gm at rmargin}%
        \Gm at warning{The marginal notes would fall off the page.^^J
           \@spaces Add \the\@tempdimc\space and more to the right margin}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at checkmp
\def\Gm at checkdrivers{%
      \Gm at setdriver{pdftex}%
      \Gm at setdriver{vtex}%
        \Gm at setdriver{vtex}%
  \ifx\Gm at driver\Gm at dvips
    \Gm at specialtrue
    \ifx\Gm at driver\Gm at dvipdfm
       \Gm at specialtrue
\@onlypreamble\Gm at checkdrivers
\def\Gm at mpfix{%
  \Gm at wd@mp\@tempdimb
  \Gm at odd@mp\z@
  \Gm at even@mp\z@
  \if at twocolumn
    \Gm at wd@mp2\@tempdimb
    \Gm at odd@mp\@tempdimb
    \Gm at even@mp\@tempdimb
    \if at reversemargin
      \Gm at odd@mp\@tempdimb
      \if at mparswitch\else
        \Gm at even@mp\@tempdimb
      \if at mparswitch
        \Gm at even@mp\@tempdimb
\@onlypreamble\Gm at mpfix
\def\Gm at process{%
 \ifGm at pass
  \Gm at dorg
  \Gm at processdimlist
  \ifx\Gm at hmarginratio\@undefined
    \if at twoside
      \edef\Gm at hmarginratio{\Gm at Dhratiotwo}%
      \edef\Gm at hmarginratio{\Gm at Dhratio}%
  \ifx\Gm at vmarginratio\@undefined
    \edef\Gm at vmarginratio{\Gm at Dvratio}%
  \Gm at checkpaper
  \ifGm at sworient
    \Gm at setpaper(\strip at pt\paperwidth,\strip at pt\paperheight){pt}%
    \Gm at sworientfalse
  \addtolength\paperwidth{-\Gm at bindingoffset}%
  \ifGm at includemp
    \Gm at mpfix
  \ifGm at hbody
    \ifx\Gm at width\@undefined
      \ifx\Gm at hscale\@undefined
        \edef\Gm at width{\Gm at Dhscale\paperwidth}%
        \edef\Gm at width{\Gm at hscale\paperwidth}%
    \ifx\Gm at textwidth\@undefined\else
      \setlength\@tempdima{\Gm at textwidth}%
      \ifGm at includemp
        \advance\@tempdima\Gm at wd@mp
      \edef\Gm at width{\the\@tempdima}%
  \ifGm at vbody
    \ifx\Gm at height\@undefined
      \ifx\Gm at vscale\@undefined
        \edef\Gm at height{\Gm at Dvscale\paperheight}%
        \edef\Gm at height{\Gm at vscale\paperheight}%
    \ifx\Gm at lines\@undefined\else
      \multiply\@tempdima\Gm at lines
      \edef\Gm at textheight{\the\@tempdima}%
    \ifx\Gm at textheight\@undefined\else
      \setlength\@tempdima{\Gm at textheight}%
      \ifGm at includehead
      \ifGm at includefoot
      \edef\Gm at height{\the\@tempdima}%
  \Gm at detall{h}{width}{lmargin}{rmargin}%
  \Gm at detall{v}{height}{tmargin}{bmargin}%
  \setlength\textwidth{\Gm at width}%
  \setlength\textheight{\Gm at height}%
  \setlength\topmargin{\Gm at tmargin}%
  \setlength\oddsidemargin{\Gm at lmargin}%
  \addtolength\oddsidemargin{-1\Gm at truedimen in}%
  \ifGm at includemp
    \advance\textwidth-\Gm at wd@mp
    \advance\oddsidemargin\Gm at odd@mp
  \if at mparswitch
    \setlength\evensidemargin{\Gm at rmargin}%
    \addtolength\evensidemargin{-1\Gm at truedimen in}%
    \ifGm at includemp
      \advance\evensidemargin\Gm at even@mp
    \ifGm at compatii
      \ifx\Gm at twosideshift\@undefined
        \def\Gm at twosideshift{20\Gm at truedimen pt}%
      \addtolength\oddsidemargin{\Gm at twosideshift}%
      \addtolength\evensidemargin{-\Gm at twosideshift}%
  \advance\oddsidemargin\Gm at bindingoffset
  \addtolength\topmargin{-1\Gm at truedimen in}%
  \ifGm at includehead
  \ifGm at includefoot
  \ifGm at heightrounded
  \addtolength\paperwidth{\Gm at bindingoffset}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at process
\def\Gm at showparams{%
  -------------------- Geometry parameters^^J%
  \ifGm at pass
  'pass' is specified!! (disables the geometry layouter)^^J%
  paper: \ifx\Gm at paper\@undefined class default\else\Gm at paper\fi^^J%
  \Gm at checkbool{landscape}%
  twocolumn: \if at twocolumn\Gm at true\else--\fi^^J%
  twoside: \if at twoside\Gm at true\else--\fi^^J%
  asymmetric: \if at mparswitch --\else\if at twoside\Gm at true\else --\fi\fi^^J%
  h-parts: \Gm at lmargin, \Gm at width, \Gm at rmargin%
  \ifnum\Gm at cnth=\z@\space(default)\fi^^J%
  v-parts: \Gm at tmargin, \Gm at height, \Gm at bmargin%
  \ifnum\Gm at cntv=\z@\space(default)\fi^^J%
  hmarginratio: \ifnum\Gm at cnth<5 \ifnum\Gm at cnth=3--\else%
    \Gm at hmarginratio\fi\else--\fi^^J%
  vmarginratio: \ifnum\Gm at cntv<5 \ifnum\Gm at cntv=3--\else%
    \Gm at vmarginratio\fi\else--\fi^^J%
  lines: \@ifundefined{Gm at lines}{--}{\Gm at lines}^^J%
  \Gm at checkbool{heightrounded}%
  bindingoffset: \the\Gm at bindingoffset^^J%
  truedimen: \ifx\Gm at truedimen\@empty --\else\Gm at true\fi^^J%
  \Gm at checkbool{includehead}%
  \Gm at checkbool{includefoot}%
  \Gm at checkbool{includemp}%
  driver: \Gm at driver^^J%
  -------------------- Page layout dimensions and switches^^J%
  \if at twocolumn\string\@twocolumntrue\space\fi%
  \if at twoside\string\@twosidetrue\space\fi%
  \if at mparswitch\string\@mparswitchtrue\space\fi%
  \if at reversemargin\string\@reversemargintrue\space\fi^^J%
  (1in=72.27pt, 1cm=28.45pt)^^J%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at showparams
\Gm at init
\Gm at setdefaultpaper
\def\Gm at setkeys{\setkeys{Gm}}%
\@onlypreamble\Gm at setkeys
\let\Gm at origExecuteOptions\ExecuteOptions
\let\ExecuteOptions\Gm at setkeys
\let\ExecuteOptions\Gm at origExecuteOptions
\Gm at process
  \edef\Gm at orgw{\the\paperwidth}%
  \edef\Gm at orgh{\the\paperheight}%
  \ifGm at pass\else
      \Gm at magtooffset
  \Gm at checkdrivers
  \ifx\Gm at driver\Gm at pdftex
      \Gm at warning{`pdftex' option is invalid in this environment}%
      \setlength\pdfpagewidth{\Gm at orgw}%
      \setlength\pdfpageheight{\Gm at orgh}%
      \ifnum\mag=\@m\else\ifx\Gm at truedimen\Gm at true
        \setlength\paperwidth{\Gm at orgw}%
        \setlength\paperheight{\Gm at orgh}%
  \ifx\Gm at driver\Gm at vtex
      \Gm at warning{`vtex' option is invalid in this environment}%
  \ifGm at special
    \ifx\Gm at driver\Gm at dvips\ifGm at landscape
      \AtBeginDvi{\special{! /landplus90 true store}}%
  \ifGm at showframe
      \vbox to\z@{\baselineskip\z at skip\lineskip\z at skip\lineskiplimit\z@%
      \vskip\topmargin\vbox to\z@{\vss\hrule width\textwidth}%
      \vskip\headheight\vbox to\z@{\vss\hrule width\textwidth}%
      \vskip\headsep\vbox to\z@{\vss\hrule width\textwidth}%
      \hbox to\textwidth{\llap{\vrule height\textheight}\hfil%
      \vrule height\textheight}%
      \vbox to\z@{\vss\hrule width\textwidth}%
      \vskip\footskip\vbox to\z@{\vss\hrule width\textwidth}%
      \vbox to\z@{\baselineskip\z at skip\lineskip\z at skip\lineskiplimit\z@%
      \vskip-1\Gm at truedimen in\rlap{\hskip-1\Gm at truedimen in%
      \vbox to\z@{\vbox to\z@{\vss\hrule width\paperwidth}%
      \hbox to \paperwidth{\llap{\vrule height\paperheight}\hfil%
      \vrule height\paperheight}%
      \vbox to\z@{\vss\hrule width\paperwidth}%
  \ifGm at verbose\ifGm at pass\else\Gm at checkmp\fi\fi
  \ifGm at verbose\expandafter\typeout\else\expandafter\wlog\fi
  {\Gm at showparams}%
  \let\Gm at cnth\relax
  \let\Gm at cntv\relax
  \let\c at Gm@tempcnt\relax
  \let\Gm at bindingoffset\relax
  \let\Gm at wd@mp\relax
  \let\Gm at odd@mp\relax
  \let\Gm at even@mp\relax
  \let\Gm at orgw\relax
  \let\Gm at orgh\relax
  \let\Gm at dimlist\relax}%
  \Gm at clean
  \Gm at process}%
%% End of file `geometry.sty'.


then sun rose thinly from the sea and the old man could see the other
boats, low on the water and well in toward the shore, spread out
across the current.

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