[XeTeX] Devanagari Nukta problem

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Mon Apr 7 10:11:24 CEST 2008

Le 7 avr. 08 à 08:01, Alastair M. Paterson a écrit :

> Hi!
> Some Devanagari is being typeset using XeTeX (MikTex 2.7).
> When the combination of: consonant + short i + nukta (unicode:  
> consonant
> + 0947 + 0937) is used, the nukta is being displayed as the unicode
> dotted circle with the nukta beneath it rather than having the nukta
> appearing correctly beneath the consonant.

I had a look at the latest version of Unicode (http://www.unicode.org/ 
versions/Unicode5.1.0/, under "South Asian Scripts - I"), and it  
reads (p. 306):

The nukta sign, which modifies a consonant form, is placed  
immediately after the
consonant in the memory representation and is attached to that  
consonant in rendering.
If the consonant represents a dead consonant, then NUKTA should precede
VIRAMA in the memory representation.

> If this character combination is typed into Wordpad, for example, and
> using the same font, it is rendered correctly.

It seems Wordpad is wrong in this case :)

Best wishes,


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