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> So it appears that xdvipdfmx is either *not* using
> the same info as
> fc-list provides, or xdvipdfmx is expecting the font
> to be listed under a
> different name (namely, one without the space
> characters); not sure where
> it gets that from.

It is the other way around.
First, some clarifications:
If you use a "font name" in your source, then XeTeX
searches the font via operating system (on MacOS)/font-
config (on other platforms) and refers it using the
PostScript name of the font in .xdv files.
While if you use a "[font file name]" in your source,
then XeTeX searches the font via kpathsearch and refers
it using the path for the font file in .xdv files.
So if you want to make some "external location"
permanent, you have to understand how kpsewhich and co.
Now, the name table of Nafee Nastaleeq reveals that
its full name is
Nafees Nastaleeq v1.01
while its PostScript name is
and font-config only looks for the former.

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