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maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu
Wed Nov 28 16:05:30 CET 2007

> On 28/11/2007, at 9:16 AM, maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu wrote:
>> Will's msg "fontspec's ExternalLocation" just answered my question
>> (thanks, Will!).
> Entirely unintentional, I assure you :)

Now that I think of it, why was it necessary for me to use the
ExternalLocation?  Why couldn't xdvipdfmx find the font (which was in
/usr/share/fonts/local/)?  Is that not a standard location, and if not,
where should I put it?  Or is there an environment variable that gives
*additional* locations?  I tried TEXFONTS (I think it was), without

I'm not even sure where xdvipdfmx comes from; I guess it came with the
TeXLive distribution of xetex.  I have an executable of xdvipdfmx, but
there doesn't seem to be any documentation--no man page, for instance. 
The --help parameter talks about a "font map file name", but I don't know
what that's supposed to look like, nor where it should reside.  I don't
seem to have one by the default name (t1fonts.map) in any obvious

   Mike Maxwell

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