[XeTeX] using ConTeXt with XeTeX ?

Steffen Wolfrum xetex at st.estfiles.de
Sat Nov 24 22:23:59 CET 2007

Hi Otared,

Am 23.11.2007 um 21:50 schrieb Otared Kavian:

> On some occaions I do use a version of XeTeX + ConTeXt, called
> XeConTeXt, and the following (slight modification of your file) works
> fine on my machine:
> %%%%%%
> %% you can uncomment the following
> %% two lines: the result is the same…
> %\usetypescriptfile[times]
> %\usetypescript[times]
> \mainlanguage[de]
> %% I don't know how the command \setupbodyfont[…] may be used…
> %% but this works:

Well, it determines the font!
If I typeset the example that you have posted and then open it in  
Acrobat, Acrobat -> Fonts says: LMRoman 10/12
If I use \setupbodyfont[times,10pt] \setupinterlinespace[line=12pt]  
and do the same Acrobat states:  TeXGyreTheremes-Regular (which means  

I am working still under 10.4.11, so maybe things are different here ...

What fonts does Acrobat detect on your machine?


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