[XeTeX] Persian and Xetex

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 10:02:03 CET 2007

Dear John,

Thanks you for your remark: in fact I am using Mail.app on Mac OS X  
10.5.1 and, as far as I can judge by my experience, my application is  
fully configured for unicode, but since you could see Loeghman's  
Persian text and I couldn't this is a further indication that that  
text was not in Unicode.
Just to make a test, below I am writing a few words in Unicode with  
other languages: could you please tell me if they appear correctly?

این واژہ بہ فارسی است

Simplified Chinese

Best regards: OK

On 23 nov. 07, at 09:10, John Was wrote:

> Dear Otared
> I think the problem must be with your e-mail programme's reception of
> Unicode messages:  I got the Persian correctly displayed (just in  
> Windows'
> default Outlook Express) in the sample file in Loeghman's message.
> John

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