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John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 22 12:34:41 CET 2007

If you put say \font\farsi where you currently have \font\1 and then put \farsi just before your Persian text, you should be OK.  At present your Farsi text is in Computer Modern, the wrong typeface!  It seems that you have loaded the font but not actually employed it where you want it.  (I can see problems with just using a numeral for a font, so I think \farsi rather than \1 is advisable.)

Good luck.  I wish I had a  nice exotic language like Farsi as my native tongue!


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  Hello Jonathan,
  Sorry for my late response. I managed to solve the problem, I used Redhat Enterprise 4.
  XeTeX successfully installed and all the format files created.
  Well, I think the time for bigger problems has begun. My native language is Persian (Farsi) and I have installed Persian True Type fonts, but all Persian inputs are invisible in the pdf output file.
  The log file is as below:
  Missing character: There is no ب in font cmr10!
  Missing character: There is no ا in font cmr10!
  Missing character: There is no س in font cmr10!
  I have selected the proper font in the source file:
  \font\1="Nazli" at 18pt
  Any  ideas?

  Best Regards
  Ali Majdzadeh Kohbanani

  2007/11/21, Axel E. Retif <axel.retif at mac.com>:
    On  21 Nov, 2007, at 03:05, Roland Kuhn wrote:

    > Hi Axel!
    > Just a minor nitpick:
    > On Wed, November 21, 2007 9:41, Axel E. Retif said:
    >> If you do so, the installer will give you the option to create 
    >> symlinks in /user/bin for the binaries. Use this option and then you
    > /usr stands for Unix System Repository, not USeR...

    Yes, of course you're right ---I meant /usr/bin.

    Thank you.


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