[XeTeX] problems helping a new Mac user

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Wed Nov 21 10:07:56 CET 2007

> Hmmm, I'm not sure if kpsewhich is set up by default to return XeLaTeX
> packages, but no matter.
On my system it is, so I presume this the default behaviour in TeXLive.
>  (I assume the "can't be found" error is
> coming from an actual XeTeX compilation run, not just the output of
> kpsewhich.) 
Yes, the error msg comes from an actual compilation run. kpsewhich just 
keeps silent when it can't find something.
> I'm afraid it's impossible for me (at a distance, at
> least) to guess what the problem might be. 
With you in Australia, me in Germany, and the colleague in Vancouver, we 
are quite at a distance indeed ;-)

Perhaps he could set me up to ssh into his Mac, but I have no idea how 
easy it would be to explain him how to do that, besides "allowing remote 
login" in the system preferences.

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