[XeTeX] XeTeX, arab and halign

seroul at math.u-strasbg.fr seroul at math.u-strasbg.fr
Tue Nov 20 17:42:15 CET 2007


Mixing Latin and Arabic characters produces strange effetcs with XeTeX.

I want to put some arabic characters in a table :

%!TeX TS-program=xetex
%!TeX encoding=UTF-8 Unicode



\font \arabfont="Geeza Pro" at 12pt

\def \tv {\vrule height 15pt depth 8pt width .4pt }

\def\dochar #1{\hbox to 25mm{\hss{\arabfont #1}\hss }}

\halign{\tv \dochar{#}\tv && \dochar{#}\tv \cr
\cr {ت} {ث} {م} {س} {خ} {ر} {ج} {ت}
\cr {ش} {ف} {ن} {ز} {ص} {ق} {ك} {و}


1) Look at the \cr at the end of the line !

2) Horizontal glue seems to be not recognised :
\hbox to 25mm does not work.

Is there some cure ?

3) By the way, is it possible to augment (in the source file)
the size of the arabic font without changing the Latin font ?

Thank you.

Raymond Séroul

PS : Mac OS X10.4, PowerBook Intel Core Duo and TeXShop 2.14

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