[XeTeX] using OpenType fonts - proper syntax

Ardi bozon42 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 15:07:55 CET 2007

I have been playing with OpenType fonts and would like to use commands in 
the 4.1 subsection of Will Robertson's "The XeTeX reference guide" guide.

\XeTeXOTcountscripts ‹Font›
\XeTeXOTscripttag ‹Font› ‹Integer, n›
\XeTeXOTcountlanguages ‹Font› ‹Script tag›
\XeTeXOTlanguagetag ‹Font› ‹Script tag› ‹Integer, n›
\XeTeXOTcountfeatures ‹Font› ‹Script tag› ‹Language tag›
\XeTeXOTfeaturetag ‹Font› ‹Script tag› ‹Language tag› ‹Integer, n›

How can I use the opentype fonts (f.e. lmroman17-oblique.otf) from the 
D:\w32tex\share\texmf\fonts\opentype\public\lm\ directory?

What is thje procedure when I download new OpenType fonts and put them
to an external dir (f.e. d:\w32tex\extfonts)?

Thanks and regards,

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