[XeTeX] Zero Width Non Joiner, or how not to make a ligature

Gerrit Sangel z0idberg at gmx.de
Thu Nov 15 13:27:48 CET 2007

Am Donnerstag 15 November 2007 schrieb Will Robertson:
> As I understand it, the ZWNJ needs to be an actual glyph in the font
> you're trying to use (which is weird in a way but makes sense if you
> think about it). It's unlikely that the LM fonts have this glyph, but
> I'm surprised by the output you've got nonetheless. I'd recommend
> that you grab a font like Gentium and see how that goes...
> Will

I tried it in Fontforge in the metric window, and of Computer Modern, Gentium 
and Linux Libertine, only Computer Modern works as espected.

But maybe I’ve opened a different font in fontforge than in XeTex, but to my 
unschooled eye it does not seem so...

I don’t think
{\addfontfeature{Ligatures=NoCommon} fi}
is so handy, because that would delete all fi ligatures. In Fraktur, it is 
possible to have a ligature in one word and no ligature in another
compare “hoffen” with “auffangen”, the second one should be “auf|fangen” with 
no ligature.

So this would need to be in the encoding, the second one would then be written 
as “auf[ZWNJ]fangen”.

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