[XeTeX] colour setting for external font in xetex

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Nov 15 09:53:51 CET 2007

On 15 Nov 2007, at 7:33 am, Ardi wrote:
> I do not know where to put the Colour=AABBCC syntax (and other font  
> features) when using the following form:
> \font\gena="[D:/w32tex/fontok/GenAR102.TTF]:script=gena" at 5pt
> \gena this is with GenAR102.TTF and ľščťžýáíé ôúä
> őöúüűÁÉÍÚÓ.\\
> 1234йцукенгшщзфывапролдячсмитьбю.жэхъ 
> ю color does not work
> Can somebody give me a hint?

It should work to say

     \font\gena="[D:/w32tex/fontok/GenAR102.TTF]:color=AABBCC" at 5pt

though I haven't tried exactly this form on Windows myself.

(What's "script=gena" supposed to do? Gentium doesn't have OpenType  
features (yet), and that's not a script tag that I recognize anyway....)

In general, \font expects a font name, optionally followed by a colon  
and list of attributes/features; if the font name is enclosed in  
[...] then it is interpreted as a filename rather than an actual font  
name, but the rest of the \font string (colon and features) are still  
treated in the same way.


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