[XeTeX] Used XeLaTeX for a Thanksgiving Card here at work

William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Wed Nov 14 11:43:18 CET 2007

On Nov 14, 2007, at 5:35 AM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> On 14 Nov 2007, at 7:18 am, William Adams wrote:
>> 1,581 records. It did take about an hour and a half to typeset the
>> cards proper on my 2.5GHz G5 though
> Just curious: which output driver? If that was with xdv2pdf, it'd be
> interesting to try xdvipdfmx and see how much difference that makes.

Interesting question. I hadn't even considered that.


What's the magic incantation to make it use xdvipdfmx on my G5?

I'll copy all the files to my hard drive (in retrospect working off  
the server was a bad idea --- I can't wait 'til we get 1000BT  
networking), compile it again for a baseline, then try xdvipdfmx and  
let you all know the results.


William Adams
senior graphic designer
Fry Communications

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