[XeTeX] Xelatex, TL2007 not working on Mac (solved)

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Nov 12 18:43:08 CET 2007

Am 12.11.2007 um 17:50 schrieb rhino64:

> I have had to update Babel with the latest version of CTAN in order
> to be able to typeset (with TeX 8bits) texts in latin.

I never had to do so – since decades (TeX 3.0) I am writing 8 bits  
wide, starting with a proprietary extension in 2.9x.

A conventional LaTeX header like

	   \immediate\write16{\jobname: Bonjour, PDF!}
	%   \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{.png,.gif,.tif,.jpeg}	% just recording
	\else							%  for non-pdfTeX
	   \immediate\write16{¡Hola \jobname: DVI!}
	%   \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{.eps,.ps}		% just recording

should work from end of installation. What were your Babel problems?  
Custom formats and a particular lanuguage/hyphenation table not  
loaded? The babel files are from 2005 and earlier ...



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