[XeTeX] Smart quotes in Leopard

Andrew Arana aarana at ksu.edu
Sun Nov 11 17:48:24 CET 2007

Dear Will and Ross,

Thanks for your help regarding smart quotes in Leopard. I now see that  
what I thought was a feature of xetex in Tiger was just a quirk  
regarding the encoding of Hoefler Text in Tiger. That's too bad, as it  
was really useful to just be able to type "blah" and have smart quotes  
just work. In my ordinary latex work (e.g. where I have heavy  
mathematical work) I type ``blah'' and get smart quotes to come out--- 
this is less attractive in the source code, and makes for a hassle  
when copy/pasting to e.g. Keynote. Using the [Mapping=tex-text] option  
in fontspec works well in Leopard, provided I convert back to  
``blah''. So I will continue like this. Thanks for all your help: I  
now understand what's going on.



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