[XeTeX] ZHSPACING - Newbie questions

Jon Babcock jon at kanji.com
Wed Nov 7 01:42:14 CET 2007

Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> Now I'm trying to figure out why the enclosed number characters, e.g. ① 
>> , show as a blank in the PDF.
>> E.g.,【泰】水-5-10 tài  >〈形〉①順適如意﹑命運亨通。
> Could it be that they're not actually present in the font you're using? Note that interactive text editors tend to use "fallback" mechanisms, so they might show you the characters from a different font.
Thank you.

Indeed, the Chinese text as well as circled digit 1 display in my text 
editors and other apps because they are substituting other fonts. I'm 
beginning to see the light, but exactly what is happening is still not 
quite clear.

In the preamble, I have:

\setromanfont{Charis SIL}
\newfontfamily\zhfont{Bitstream Cyberbit}

The \XeTeXcharclass`"=6 lines are included right after the 
\begin{document}, including, fwiw, the line\XeTeXcharclass`①=6.

With this alone, neither the Chinese nor the enclosed alphanumeric 
(U+2460) is displayed in the PDF.

When I include \zhspacing in the preamble, the Chinese is displayed in 
the PDF, but circled digit 1 (U+2460) is not.

When I further include \zhfont, both the Chinese and circled digit 
1(U+2460) are displayed in the PDF.

zhspacing.sty is unmodified. It is still using its default font SimSun, 
a font which I've installed and tried system-wide. SimSun appears to 
have glyphs for the 'enclosed alphanumerics' block of characters. (I 
need a better app than Character Map to verify this because Character 
Map seems to display the missing characters of a font in the font that 
it had previously found them in rather than just leaving them blank or 
with Unicode points.)

It would seem that once I've turned on \zhspacing and it is using 
SimSun, its default font, the circled digit 1 (U+2460) should display in 
the PDF. But it doesn't. It is only after I invoke my defined \zhfont 
that I get both the Chinese and the circled digit 1 to display in the 
PDF. Scratching head.

Jon Babcock

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