[XeTeX] font problem in the pdf output after upgrading to Leopard

Jeong Dalyoung haksan at mac.com
Mon Nov 5 15:03:57 CET 2007

Dear Peter,

I am sorry about the difference between the subject and the body. I  
took this subject from the archive because I also had lm message after  
upgrading at first when I asked about it to Mojca.
However, I have to change the subject after that problem was resolved.

When I log in, only finder and I didn't use Equation Service and LaTeX  
Equation Editor. I never tried to clear the font caches before.
If it is necessary, I have to learn how to clear it.

Right now, I am using Adobe reader V 7.0.8.
I'd like to test once more after upgrade Reader(to 8.), xetex(to  
0.997),  and xdvipdfmx.
I'll report it soon and  I hope that it is the way to resolve my  

Thank you.
Best regards,


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