[XeTeX] Ascender Corporation Math

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Nov 3 00:46:11 CET 2007

[Not a motion, so redirecting to tug-board :).]

    Probably not hard, if you use the existing support styles for Lucida  

As I wrote Troy already, I think it is not exactly easy -- see below.

    I thought TUG has the distribution rights now, though maybe not

Definitely not exclusive.  The fonts are not the same as what we
distribute, or what Y&Y distributed, or anything like that.  Of course
B&H has independent deals with many, many companies.

    Karl, can you please clarify what are the (re)distribution rights?

I don't know the details of Chuck's agreement with Ascender, obviously.
It is unrelated to the agreement with TUG.

What I do know from Chuck is that Ascender math fonts do not have the
same character set as the TeX fonts.  (I don't know what's missing.)
This seems like it would complicate any attempt to make TeX support for
them, if it's possible at all.  And then of course there are all the
math fontdimen's to tweak.

Another issue is translating them from TrueType to Type1, if the
Ascender agreement permits that at all.


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